Nordson Electronics Solutions introduces Synchro 3, expanding its SELECT Synchro selective soldering line for high-volume PCB assembly.

This cutting-edge equipment optimizes solder joint quality, enhancing product reliability. Leveraging synchronous motion technology, it slashes conveyance time, boosting throughput by 20-40% and reducing footprint by up to 60%.

The Synchro series offers Synchro 3, 5, and 5 XL models, accommodating various manufacturing needs.

Synchro 3, the latest addition, features up to three solder pots, catering to different alloys and nozzle configurations. Handling boards up to 2500 x 460 mm, it ensures seamless processing of single-sided, double-sided through-hole, mixed-technology surface mount and through-hole assemblies. Tasks are automatically balanced between soldering pots, further amplifying efficiency.

This innovation builds upon the success of the Synchro 5, which received the 2023 Mexico EMS award for exceptional innovation.

The SELECT Synchro series offers comprehensive features including automatic conveyor-width adjustment, drop-jet fluxer, flux-level sensing system, titanium solder pot and pump assembly, quick-change magnetically coupled solder nozzle, pre-heaters, warpage sensor, and system camera. These ensure precise control, easy programming, and robust traceability.

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