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Amtest Group

Save the Date – Battery Experts Workshop 2024

6. March 2024.

On behalf of our partner company bdtronic, we would like to invite you to a workshop on Process Solutions for Dispensing of Gap Fillers, Foams and Thermal Adhesives in Battery Applications. The workshop is scheduled to take place in Weikersheim, Germany, on April 16th and 17th, 2024. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity […]

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Amtest Group

Poland – Advanced Technology Seminar, March 6th-7th and March 13th-14th

1. March 2024.

Amtest Group will be hosting the Advanced Technology seminar on March 6th-7th and 13th-14th at two venues: one in Wieliczka near Krakow and the other in Gniew near Kwidzyn. The primary focus of the seminar will be on showcasing solutions for conformal coating and dispensing. Additionally, attendees can expect presentations on various innovations in selective […]

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Join us at the AMPER Show 2024

21. February 2024.

As every year, we invite you to join us at the AMPER Show 2024, which will take place from March 19th to March 21st, at the Brno Exhibition Centre. We are proud to showcase a lineup of the following cutting-edge equipment: BRIDGE FUTURA F350 laser marking machine, bdtronic B3000 high-volume dispensing machine, MSTech Smart Infinity […]

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Amtest Group

Pleasure to announce László Nemeskéri joining the Group

8. February 2024.

Continuing the expansion of our industry leading process and service team, we are glad to welcome László to our Team. He joins with many years’ experiences in a service company (though outside of our industry) but due to his passion for technology, we are convinced that the intensive training that the Group will provide will […]

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Amtest Group

Group welcomes Soma Rappai to our sales Team

6. February 2024.

Soma has a degree in electrical engineering and he started his career path as a process engineer. As his career progressed, he moved into the sales field for an international company, specialising in industrial automation (as well as automotive and electrical manufacturing). Soma will be based in Budapest, joining the over 20-team members there – […]

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Amtest Group

Exelsius launch NEW pre-heating Underfill Oven

5. February 2024.

Our curing partner Exelsius of France have released their new XPHU pre-heating oven for underfill applications. The XPHU preheating oven lets you prepare products at the right process temperature before applying the underfill, leaving your dosing equipment to take care of deposition. Each piece of equipment is thus used optimally for its main function. The […]

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