about us – amtest group

Founded in London, the Amtest Group is the fastest-growing distribution company in Central and Eastern Europe, with personnel and offices in our home locations worldwide, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic.

At its inception, the Group focused its activities and operations solely on the Central Eastern European electronic industry, but over the past decade, we have expanded and accelerated its growth by moving from the traditional- sales distribution company formula to include the following practical strategies:

  • Adding extra-value to innovative solutions
    Delivering excellence is our core focus. We acknowledge the extensive knowledge process of every team member as a vital contribution towards our success and the added value that they offer to customers and the Group itself. Our objective is to sell and implement a “best in class” solution complemented with additional knowledge and support and not a “box”.
  • Providing risk-free alternatives to our clients
    Three main routes achieve our strategy to provide risk-free solutions to clients; Firstly, we employ our automation knowledge and implement it into procedures that help our clients achieve their vision within budget and a set timeframe.
    Secondly, we thoroughly audit all manufacturing partners offered under the Amtest brand to ensure manufacturing quality, technical response, and support structures are first class.
    Lastly, we have a ‘no-bid” policy that comes into effect if our solutions do not meet client parameters.
  • Fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our clients
    Our growth, as a Group, is directly linked to client satisfaction. We deliver quality services and long-lasting solutions that align with our client’s requirements and specifications.

We are a team wholly dedicated to the needs of our clients. Indeed, we prefer to think in terms of a selection of relationships rather than a collection of clients.

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