Centres of Excellence

The Amtest CoE was opened on June 30th 2011 at our Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary and has been recognised by both leading OEM’s and CEM’s as well as our manufacturing partners as a centre, where process, development and execution of new process validations have all been successfully completed.

Process work focusing in the fields of selective coating and fluid dispensing has over the last decade made the Centre of Excellence at the vanguard of technology development and implementation.

Knowledge, experience and high motivation has enabled the expansion of our technology reach to now include selective soldering and into the field of inspection – be in 3D AOI or coating inspection (ACI).

Two laboratories have also been opened, firstly in Wroclaw, Poland and lastly in Botvegrad, Bulgaria – where knowledge achieved in Budapest is shared with our skilled process engineers across borders to enable us to “localise” and “spread out” our process excellence. It is our intention that both the Wroclaw and Botvegrad facility will obtain our own self certification – as Centres of Excellence this year.

Presently in our facilities are:

  • Nordson Asymtek SL940 (the fastest selective coating machine in the market)
  • Nordson Asymtek coating inspection system
  • Nordson Asymtek dispenser D583 with all available valves
  • Nordson Asymtek Helios SD-960 – Large-Volume Fluid Dispensing
  • Cyberoptics – 3D AOI and SPI systems
  • Hanwha placement machines with FULL IT solution
  • Franka Emika collaborative robots
  • Bluiris First article inspection system

Training classes, tutorials, process troubleshooting, maintenance trainings can all be performed within our three facilities and can be tailored to your exact needs.