amtest Centre of Excellence (CoE)

The first Amtest Centre of Excellence (CoE) was opened on June 30 th , 2011, in Budapest, Hungary. It has been recognized by both leading OEM’s and CEM’s and our manufacturing partners as a centre where the process, development and execution of new process validations have been completed.

One of the changes we implemented at the beginning of the year 2022 was the successful transition to new facilities at our headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Our notable process work with a primary focus in selective coating and fluid dispensing has, over the last decade, made the Amtest Centre of Excellence the forefront and vanguard of technology development and implementation.

The combination of knowledge, experience, high-tech innovation, and motivation has also played a vital role in expanding our technological reach to now include selective soldering and the field of inspection- in aspects like 3D AOI and coating inspection (ACI).

In addition, we provide training classes and tutorials on process troubleshooting and maintenance tailored to suit client’s needs within the comfort of our facilities for ease, accuracy and top-tier efficiency.

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